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Architects are a class of visionaries, who spend years designing and seeing over the construction of architectures; Architects wield a chisel in combat, which is ill-suited for battle, and as such they have low Attack. They also have low Agility but their Defense is solid and their Magic Defense average.


Brick and Mortar: The Architect builds a brick wall around an enemy to prevent them from moving or using physical attacks.* Roll: 9

Foundation: The Architect strengthens an existing structure by making some modifications to its foundation; allies inside of the structure gain boosted Defense.* Roll: 4, Defense+5

Barricade: The Architect builds a barricade that increases stats of allies that use it.* Roll: 5, Attack+4, Defense+3, Agility+1

Archway: The Architect builds an archway that increases magical abilities of allies.* Roll: 6, Magic Attack+5, Magic Defense+5

Cemented: The Architect petrifies an enemy with cement and also prevents that enemy from having their stats raised.* Roll: 13

Stonework: The Architect outfits a structure with reinforced stone, giving archers inside of it increased Attack and Defense.* Roll: 10, Attack+4, Defense+4

Architect Vision: The Architect envisions a beautiful structure of their design that is then built up from the ground beneath them, escalating them to higher ground.* Roll: 7


Architects are good to have in any campaign because of their ability to support the party with their skillset.

Brick and Mortar prevents one enemy from moving to evade attacks or using attacks that involve physical weaponry, making it best used on non-magic-using enemies.

Foundation is a skill with a low roll requirement that increases the Defense of allies that are inside of the structure the skill is used on.

Barricade will increase the Attack, Defense, and Agility of allies that use the barricade the Architect creates when the skill is used; using the Foundation skill on a barricade further enhances the Defense buffs.

Archway is like Barricade, but geared more towards magic-using allies as it will boost their Magic Attack and Magic Defense when it is used.

Cemented will inflict the Petrify status ailment on a single enemy but will also prevent that enemy from receiving stat buffs from skills or spells for the remainder of the battle.

Stonework is a skill that only effects ally archers, or any class that wields a bow; it will increase their Attack and Defense when they are in a structure the skill has been used on; try combining Barricade with Foundation and Stonework to maximize its use.

Architect Vision will lift the Architect up to higher ground, and can be used to get them away from danger or to get a bird's eye view of an area.

Notable Architects


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