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The Assassin class is tailor-made to quickly dispatch enemies with their high attack power. Assassins are trained to kill people in various ways, and so are proficient with a great deal of weapons, unlike most classes which are only proficient with one or two weapons, Assassins can use a multitude of melee and ranged weapons. Assassins have high agility that allows them to evade most enemy attacks, but their low defense makes them a glass cannon, taking a great deal of damage if they were to be hit with an enemy attack.


Free-Run: The Assassin is able to free-run up walls and across rooftops and narrow paths with great ease.* Passive

Lethal Blow: The Assassin attempts to deliver a lethal attack to a single target.* Roll: 17

Poison Concoct: The Assassin uses an assortment of chemicals to concoct a poisonous liquid for later use.* Roll: 10

Dual-Wielding: The Assassin is able to wield two different types of weapons at once adeptly.* Passive

Battle Flow: The Assassin moves more quickly when in battle.* Passive, Player Agility+2

Counterattack: The Assassin executes a counterattack on attacking enemies.* Roll: 16

Killing is My Job: The Assassin gets 600 gold each time they deliver the killing blow on an enemy.* Passive

Eagle Vision: The Assassin can determine somebody's alignment at a glance. Passive


Assassins are bred for killing, and their Lethal Blow skill allows them to kill a target in a single strike, though the skill does have among the highest roll requirements because of this; the Skill does not instantly kill bosses, instead only dealing 100 damage.

The Free-Run skill allows an Assassin to pursue a target, get to higher ground, move to an objective quickly, or retreat with a great deal of ease, especially in more urban areas.

The Assassin possesses skills that can help them with their low defense, Battle Flow and Counterattack. Battle Flow increases their agility a bit, allowing them to dodge attacks more than ever. Counterattack lets them take no damage from the next enemy attack to hit them and then actually lets them unleash a counter attack during enemy phase.

The Dual-Wielding skill lets the Assassin wield two different kinds of weapons at one time, even if one is ranged and one is a melee weapon, which can prove very useful.

Poison Concoct lets the Assassin make a poison on the scene that can then be used to poison enemies, or can be used for other things too.

Killing is My Job yields a gold reward each time the Assassin kills a target, and a hefty reward at that.

Eagle Vision allows the Assassin to determine who is friend and who is foe, knowing who to trust and who to avoid or attack.

Notable Assassins


  • The Free-Run skill is taken from the free-running ability in the Assassin's Creed games. Eagle Vision is likewise form the Assassin's Creed series.
  • Killing is My Job is taken from Fire Emblem: Awakening, where the Dark mage Tharja would sometimes say 'Killing is my job' after defeating an enemy unit.
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