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The Barbarian is a class that uses their battle axe and raw physical strength to deal damage to enemies. Barbarians are damage-dealers and their good Attack lends to this. Barbarians have average Agility and Defense that holds them back from being able to take or dodge enemy attacks frequently.


Mutton Leg: The Barbarian takes out a mutton leg and takes a large bite from it, healing themselves a bit and increasing their Attack and Defense.* Roll: 10, Player Attack+4 and Defense+3

Wolf Shield: The Barbarian takes out a round shield with a wolf face carved into it that strikes fear into enemies.* Roll: 9, Enemy Defense-3

Beowulf: The Barbarian calls on the strength of Beowulf and their axe triples in size.* Roll: 17, Player Attack*2

Pillage: The Barbarian uses a sweeping attack that sends out a wave capable of leveling buildings and knocking enemies off their feet.* Roll: 18

Berserk: The Barbarian activates Berserk mode, greatly increasing their Attack and Agility but sharply decreasing their Defense.* Roll: 10, Player Attack+8 and Agility+8, Player Defense-10

Viking Raid: The Barbarian blows on a horn and from a cloud of mist comes a Viking boat that slams into enemies and spawns two Vikings that assist in battle for a short time.* Roll: 14

Saga: The Barbarian tells a lengthy saga that exhilarates its audience.* Roll: 9, Allies Attack+3

Always Angry: The Barbarian is immune to the Berserk status ailment. Passive


Barbarians will take a decent amount of damage from enemies, and so their Mutton Leg skill is helpful for healing themselves and allowing them to retaliate with extra kick.

Barbarians can hinder enemies with their Wolf Shield skill, which will also expose enemies to ally attacks. The Beowulf skill doubles the Barbarian's Attack stat, and considering their Attack is already great, this makes them more of a deadly force in battle.

The Pillage skill is great for dealing with lots of enemies at once; it levels nearby structures as well, which could help or hurt the party in some way, so caution is advised.

The Barbarian's Berserk skill raises their Attack and Agility sharply, allowing them to deal high damage and dodge enemy attacks easily, but if they are unfortunate enough to be hit with an enemy attack they will take more damage as the skill lowers their Defense when used.

The Viking Raid skill damages enemies and then summons two Vikings to support the party by assisting in battle, which can help when in a smaller party or when facing lots of enemies.

Saga is useful if allies lack in Attack, or if the player wants to give allies who already have high attack an even higher attack.

To maximize damage, the Barbarian should use Berserk or Beowulf at the start of the battle and before using the Viking Raid skill.

The Always Angry Skill gives the Barbarian immunity to the Berserk status ailment, preventing him from being forced to attack and likely kill allies with his high Attack stat.

Notable Barbarians

Swindler from Cuboy Academy is a low-level Barbarian with little experience, but fought off a giant knight and an army of droids.


  • The Beowulf skill increasing the Barbarian's axe in size is in reference to the story Beowulf where the eponymous hero, Beowulf, was fighting a terrible sea monster and took up a massive sword he found in the monster's home in favor of his own sword in order to slay the beast.
  • The Always Angry Skill is in reference to the line spoken by Bruce Banner in the first Avengers film: "That's my secret, Cap. I'm always angry."
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