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The Bard is a support class, and supports the party by playing songs on their magical instruments, boosting morale of the party and can increase stats or heal as well. The Bard can also use their magical instruments to attack enemies, possessing average Magic Attack to do so.


Tuned Instrument: The Bard's magical songs are increased in effect temporarily. Roll: 12

Forte: The Bard's songs grow louder, effecting a wider area for some time. Roll: 12

Accelerando: The Bard plays their songs faster, making the magic take effect more quickly but not lasting quite as long. Roll: 8

Octave Onslaught: The Bard rapid-fire blasts magic musical notes from their instrument at targets.* Roll: 13

Sheet Music Shield: The Bard erects a barrier of sheet music that blocks against enemy magic attacks.* Roll: 11, Player Magic Defense+5, Allies Magic Defense+5

Maestro: The Bard can reverse enemy magic songs.* Roll: 10

Remix: The Bard remixes one of their own songs, and the effect of the song is the scrambling of an enemy's stats.* Roll: 10


Bards can be good to have around in any campaign or battle, as they are not confined to certain targets or values when healing or assisting like some other classes; the player that controls them can 'write their own songs', or rather, decide these values for themselves.

The Tuned Instrument skill essentially makes the songs the Bard plays work more efficiently, taking the song the player wrote and making it work better.

Forte allows more allies to hear the song that the Bard plays by playing the song louder, letting the song effect more allies at once.

Accelerando makes the songs played take effect faster, with buffs being greater in value but not lasting as long as typical buffs.

Octave Onslaught is a ranged offensive skill that deals a good amount of damage to enemies hit by it.

Sheet Music Shield decreased damage of enemy magic attacks, essentially by raising the Magic Defense of the Bard and one of their allies as well.

Maestro is really only useful if there are other Bards or Muses on the enemy side, as there would otherwise be no enemy magic songs to reverse. However, if there are such enemies, the Maestro skill is useful for ensuring that they are unable to effectively support their allies by removing buffs they place.

Remix can be useful against enemies that have spread-out stats, for example, Guardians have incredibly high Defense, but low Attack. The Remix skill can swap the two of them so that the Guardian will be easier to deal damage to since their Defense stat is now low, but they will also deal more damage to players now that their Attack is high. Remix is not very useful against enemies with well-balanced stats, such as Mercenaries.

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