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Blacksmiths are a support class that deal in supporting allies that wield physical weapons by forging and sharpening their weapons with their blacksmith skills. They are not effective for supporting magic-using allies unless those allies also possess a physical weapon that the blacksmith can sharpen. Blacksmiths themselves have a hammer for use in battle, but they have low Attack and so cannot do much damage to enemy units; they also have low Agility, so they are unable to evade most attacks. They do, however, have solid Defense that allows them to tank many physical attacks that they do not evade, and average Magic Defense that contributes to this as well.


Forge: The Blacksmith sets to work tending to and sharpening the weapons of allies to increase their Attack in the next battle.* Roll: 3, Attack+4

Protective Smock: The Blacksmith takes less damage from fire-based attacks due to their protective smock.* Passive

Armory Regular: The Blacksmith can get reduced prices on weapons at armories.* Roll: 6

Soot-Spread: The Blacksmith releases soot from their clothes when attacked that makes the assailant more likely to miss the next time they attack.* Roll: 10

Anvil Smash: The Blacksmith hurls an anvil at enemies to attack them.* Roll: 14

Dent Pounder: The Blacksmith pounds out dents in weapons to make them move through the air more efficiently, making them less likely to miss.* Roll: 8, Attack Success Roll set to 4 as the minimum to hit an enemy instead of 6 for one ally

Heat Weapon: The Blacksmith heats up their hammer to burn an enemy they attack.* Roll: 10


Blacksmiths are most useful when a party is mostly or maybe even entirely composed of classes that wield physical weapons, as Blacksmiths can only support these kinds of units.

The Forge skill will increase the Attack of all allies that wield physical weapons the next time a battle is started, and so can be used outside of battles without issue.

Protective Smock is a passive skill that gives the Blacksmith increased protection against fire-based attacks.

The Armory Regular skill is great for getting new weapons for less gold, especially if the party doesn't have enough gold to buy a new weapon.

Soot-Spread will cause an enemy to be more likely to miss the next time they attack after they attack the Blacksmith, which gives the Blacksmith a sort of incentive for getting attacked, that being supporting the party by inflicting an enemy with Blindness.

Anvil Smash is an offensive skill that can be used from a range.

Dent Pounder is great for increasing hit chance of an ally, especially when facing enemies with high Agility that are able to evade many attacks.

Heat Weapon is a skill that will burn an enemy the next time the Blacksmith attacks, and the burn will do damage to the enemy at the start of each turn.

Notable Blacksmiths


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