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The Cleric's role in a party is as a healer, being a support class that keeps allies alive by restoring lost health to them. The Cleric is ill-suited for battle as they have low Attack and Defense stats, but their good Agility can let them dodge some enemy attacks. Clerics have a great deal of healing power. They must be protected by allies so that they may continue to operate without interruption.


Healing Loot: After a battle that the Cleric took part in, enemies will always drop an item that can heal warriors.* Passive

Curing Flares: Fires magic beams in four directions that cure status ailments of allies.* Roll: 9

Healing Circle: Draws a circle in the ground that heals allies that stand in it.* Roll: 6

Generous Soul: The Cleric takes a portion of their own health and gives it to an ally.* Roll: 5

Cure-All: The Cleric sends out a wave in all directions that heals allies and cures them of any status ailments, but will also remove status ailments from enemies inside the wave's area of effect.* Roll: 10

Tonic Replenish: Fills any empty bottles in an ally's inventory with healing tonics.* Roll: 11

Conjure Tome: The Cleric conjures a healing magic tome from thin air for them to use; the tome will never be the same as any of the tomes they currently have.* Roll: 12

Disciple of Life: The Cleric uses a powerful healing spell that heals the target for five times the Cleric's current level. Roll: 12


The Cleric's skills all increase their healing abilities and have greater healing ability.

Healing Loot is a useful passive skill as it can allow allies to heal themselves after a battle.

Curing Flares is great when fighting against enemies that inflict status ailments with attacks or skills in order to keep allies free of such ailments.

Healing Circle is good for setting up an area where allies will constantly receive healing as they stand in it, which is especially useful for allies that have ranged weapons as they can stay in the range of the healing circle while still attacking enemies.

Generous Soul is a bit of a risk as it can put the Cleric in danger of their health is too low or if they are under attack, but if allies defend the Cleric effectively then the skill can prove useful to an ally in desperate need of healing.

Cure-All is an outstanding skill as it removes all status ailments from allies whilst healing them in the process, although it is a bit of a risk as it will cure enemies of status ailments as well.

Tonic Replenish can give an ally an extra healing item in their inventory for them to use when it is used.

Conjure Tome can be useful for providing the Cleric with another method of healing allies, especially if tomes are not being dropped by defeated enemies.

Disciple of Life is an outstanding healing and support Skill as it can heal an ally for an increasingly great deal of health as the Cleric increases in level.

Notable Clerics


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