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The Elven Warrior is another damage-dealing class, though the Elven Warrior is able to attack up close or at a range thanks to being able to wield bows and swords. Elven Warriors have solid stats overall, but with a weakness in their Defense as it is low and therefore they will take more damage from enemy attacks. They possess good Agility that can aid them in evading enemy attacks, and attacking enemies that wield melee weapons from a range can contribute to damaging them while also staying out of enemy range.


Armor Eyes: The Elven Warrior is able to determine weak points in enemy armor at a glance; attacks directed at weak points that successfully hit them will act as critical hits.* Passive

Keen Hearing: The Elven Warrior's sharp hearing can detect danger from far away and before danger strikes.* Passive

Cloak of the Forest: The Elven Warrior erects magical barriers of leaves and bark around themselves and allies.* Roll: 13, Player Defense+3, Allies Defense+3

Uncanny Evasion: The Elven Warrior uncannily evades an incoming attack.* Roll: 17

Elven Trap: The Elven Warrior lays down a magical elven rune that will trap enemies that step on it.* Roll: 12

Magic Rope: The Elven Warrior uses a magical rope to bind an enemy.* Roll: 8, Enemy Agility-5

Athelas: The Elven Warrior heals themselves and nearby allies.* Roll: 12

Counts As One: The Elven Warrior executes an attack that instantly kills large enemies such as dragons; simply deals damage to smaller enemies, cannot instantly kill bosses. Roll: 13


The Elven Warrior's skills will support allies and hinder enemies.

The Armor Eyes skill can be devastating to enemies as it will make attacks directed at the enemy's marked weak points act as critical hits, ignoring enemy defensive stats and using the attacker's full offensive stat values.

Keen Hearing lets the Elven Warrior detect danger from afar.

Uncanny Evasion lets the Elven Warrior get an automatic evasion on the next attack directed at them.

Elven Trap will paralyze enemies effected by it, preventing them from moving or attacking. Magic Rope lowers the Agility of enemies effected by it by 5, allowing the Elven Warrior and their allies to land hits more frequently.

Cloak of the Forest and Athelas will support the party. Athelas heals the Elven Warrior and nearby allies. Cloak of the Forest increases the Defense of themselves and all of their allies.

Counts As One is an offensive Skill that will instantly kill large enemies; against bosses, it will simply do 100 damage.

Notable Elven Warriors


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