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Fairies are a support class that use Non-Energy Magic to strengthen allies and weaken enemies. They themselves have low Attack and defensive stats, having slightly better Magic Defense than Defense. Fairies have average magic attack, though many of their spells don't deal damage anyhow. They have high Agility that allows them to evade most enemy attacks directed at them.


Pixie Dust: The Fairy uses Pixie Dust to make allies very lightweight and floaty, increasing their Agility.* Roll: 8, Agility+3

Fast Flyer: The Fairy uses magic to increase their own Agility.* Roll: 15, Agility+3

Faith and Trust: The Fairy uses a special spell that negates special effects from enemy Skills that currently effect Allies.* Roll: 14

Teeny Stature: The Fairy's small size allows them to access areas others cannot and even go unnoticed by enemies more easily. Passive

Elf-Lock: The Fairy casts a special spell on themselves that keeps their stats from being lowered by enemy magic or Skills.* Roll: 11

Rowan Gift: The Fairy gifts rowan fruit to all allies which will keep them from being killed when hit with the next enemy attack.* Roll: 14

Down to Size: The Fairy casts a magic spell that shrinks an enemy.* Roll: 12


Fairies can be good to have in any campaign as they are an effective support class that can often rely upon their high Agility to dodge most enemy attacks.

Pixie Dust increases the Agility of allies so that they can dodge attacks better.

Fast Flyer increases the Fairy's own Agility, making it nearly certain that they will dodge an enemy attack.

Faith and Trust is great to have when facing enemies with strong Skills that negatively effect the Fairy's allies, by negating the effects of the Skill. This works with any enemy passive skill that hinders the party, debuff skills, and skills that inflict status ailments; it does not work on offensive skills.

The Teeny Stature skill lets the Fairy access areas that allies cannot due to their small size allowing them to fit into small spaces. This is great for infiltration, hiding, or spying on enemies.

Elf-Lock is a good skill to have as it prevents the Fairy's stats from being lowered by enemy magic or enemy Skills; this is especially important for the Fairy as the only stat they really have going for them is their Agility, and if it were to be lowered the Fairy could become compromised.

Rowan Gift is an excellent skill to have when fighting powerful enemies, as it prevents all allies from getting killed when hit with an enemy attack. The Skill lasts until the ally is hit with an attack that should kill them, after which their health is set to 1 and they no longer have the Skill's effects.

Down to Size shrinks an enemy so that they are a much smaller threat, quite literally as well. When shrunk the enemy can not deal damage to anybody and cannot defend against attacks.

Notable Fairies


  • The Faith and Trust and Pixie Dust skills were inspired by the phrase "Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust" spoken in the Peter Pan animated film and in the Tinkerbell movies.
    • Also from the Tinkerbell movies is the Fast Flyer skill, which in those movies was a type of fairy that could harness the wind to fly at incredible speeds.
  • Rowan is an actual fruit that was often associated with fairies in medieval times.
  • Elf-Lock is actually inspired by the fairies of lore and legend, where it was detailed that fairies would play pranks on sleeping humans by tying their hair up into knots dubbed 'Elf-Locks'.
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