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The Guardian is a support class wielding a large shield that wears heavy armor. The duty of a Guardian is to be a damage sponge for their allies, taking hits that other allies could not otherwise take. Guardians use their large shield and some defensive spells to protect their allies from harm.

Guardians themselves are ill-suited for actual combat due to their low Attack and Agility; Guardians are not fast, nor do they need to be as they are more likely to nullify and endure the damage of enemy attacks, both physical and magical in nature. As their sole weapon is a heavy shield, they do not do much damage to enemies in combat and instead rely on allies to do the heavy hitting while they take the punishment from retaliating enemies.


Dual Guard: Duplicates a Guardian's shield, doubling their own Defense stat.* Roll: 15, Player Defense*2

Impenetrable: Grants immunity to physical and magical damage to one ally for a brief period of time.* Roll: 16

Force Field: Erects energy barriers around all nearby allies that increases their Defense and Magic Defense.* Roll: 16, Allies Defense+4 and Magic Defense+4

Resounding Shield: The Guardian pounds on their shield, creating a loud resounding noise that decreases Defense and Magical Defense of enemies.* Roll: 13, Enemy Defense-5

Bastion: The Guardian raises their shield and the terrain changes in effect as though it were the inside of a fortress.* Roll: 8

Tower Guard: The Guardian sets their shield in place and a tower erupts from the ground behind them; allies can garrison the tower and attack enemies with ranged weapons from inside with a high amount of Defense.* Roll: 16

Diamond Shield: The Guardian becomes immune to defense-breaking skills such as Shield Breaker, and also becomes immune to defense-lowering skills or spells for two turns.* Roll: 13

Get This Man A Shield: The Guardian gifts a shield to an ally that boosts their Defense for as long as they have it equipped. Roll: 15, Defense+5


Guardians are great to have around in any campaign or battle thanks to their survivability and ability to tank nearly any attack that the enemy throws at them. The Guardian's Dual Guard skill doubles their Defense stat, which is already among the highest Defense out of all of the classes in the game, and so doubling this stat with the Dual Guard skill could make the Guardian take no damage at all from enemy attacks.

The Impenetrable skill can allow a powerful ally to stay in the battle for longer as they will take no damage for a single turn after this skill is used on them; this is especially useful on allies that have lower defensive stats but high offensive stats, allowing them to deal out heavy damage without risk. The Force Field skill is also useful for this, though it doesn't grant immunity to damage and instead just raises their defensive stats.

The Resounding Shield skill allows the Guardian to contribute to the cause of dealing damage by lowering the defensive stats of some enemies so that their allies will deal more damage with attacks.

The Bastion skill only benefits certain other classes, namely the Gladiatorial Dreik.

The Tower Guard skill is useful when the Guardian has allies that use ranged weapons like the Ranger, Sage, or Gunslinger. It can also be useful for housing allies that are low on health or have low defense, as when they are in the tower that is created they gain an increase in defense.

The Get This Man A Shield Skill is a good Skill to have early on to boost the defenses of allies in the early game; the defensive boosts will be permanent if they keep the shield equipped the whole time.

The Guardian's biggest weakness is enemy skills or spells that lower their defense such as Shield Breaker or Enfeeble. The Diamond Shield skill can give the Guardian a brief immunity to such things, which can be useful when in battle against enemies that possess them.

Notable Guardians

Neko from Cuboy Academy is a Guardian of high level, having all of the skills and a great deal of combat prowess; he is one of the leaders of his party of 12.

Dalton, the captain of the royal guard of Gavainselle, and the final boss of a side quest. Dalton framed the Duke of Purple for an attempted assassination on the king when in fact Dalton had hired the assassins. Dalton is of a relatively low level, having only 3 of the skills of the Guardian class. He was defeated by Isidorus, Sir Nimbus, Alvy the Gambler, and The Duke of Purple, with The Duke of Purple finishing off Dalton with his Dancing Blade skill.


  • The Guardian's Dual Guard skill was named after a defensive strategy/game mechanic in Fire Emblem Fates, though the skill works much differently from the strategy in Fire Emblem than it does in Towers and Tarragons.
  • The Skill "Get This Man A Shield" is inspired by a line from the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.
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