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Muses are masters of the arts and inspiration; they have unlocked their full creative ability and use their magic instrument to harness and channel this into songs that support their allies. Muses themselves also have prowess with elemental magic, making them a hybrid of offensive and support classes. They have average Magic Attack, so they don't always deal a lot of damage, particularly against enemies with high Magic Defense. Muses do however possess solid Defense and Agility that lets them evade or tank enemy attacks effectively. Strangely enough, Muses have low Magic Defense which makes them weak against other magic-users, which is an oddity among magic-using classes as they typically have strong Magic Defense but lower Defense.


Tuned Instrument: The Muse's magical songs are increased in effect temporarily. Roll: 14

Forte: The Muse's songs grow louder, effecting a wider area for some time. Roll: 14

Accelerando: The Muse plays their songs faster, making the magic take effect more quickly but not lasting quite as long. Roll: 12

Maestro: The Muse can reverse enemy magic songs.* Roll: 10

Inspire: The Muse can inspire allies to work harder at certain tasks or even in battle, essentially raising success rate by 2 points.* Passive

Enlightenment: The Muse clears their mind and increases their Defense and Magic Defense.* Roll: 9, Player (Magic)Defense+4

Battle Symphony: The Muse plays a rousing tune that increases battle performance in allies.* Roll: 13, (Magic)Attack+5, Defense+4


Muses can be good to have around in any campaign, as similar to a Paladin or Enchantress they are a pseudo-support class that can contribute offensively as well.

The Tuned Instrument skill essentially makes the songs the Bard plays work more efficiently, taking the song the player wrote and making it work better.

Forte allows more allies to hear the song that the Bard plays by playing the song louder, letting the song effect more allies at once.

Accelerando makes the songs played take effect faster, with buffs being greater in value but not lasting as long as typical buffs.

Maestro is really only useful if there are other Bards or Muses on the enemy side, as there would otherwise be no enemy magic songs to reverse. However, if there are such enemies, the Maestro skill is useful for ensuring that they are unable to effectively support their allies by removing buffs they place.

Inspire is useful for preventing critical failures and helping allies succeed in attempts by increasing the values of their success rolls.

Enlightenment increases the Muse's defensive stats, which certainly helps their low Magic Defense.

Battle Symphony is a specialized song of the Muse that increases the battle performance of allies by raising their offensive stats and their Defense stat.

Notable Muses


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