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Paladins are versatile units that can serve as both offensive units and support units. They possess a broadsword and high Attack to back it up. They also use light magic in battle, and so can use healing spells or ranged magic attacks to support allies and have solid Magic Attack to support it. Paladins also have solid Defense, with their main weaknesses lying in their average Agility and Magic Defense that can cause them to take considerable damage from enemy magic-users.


Shield of Light: The Paladin's shield shines brightly, decreasing enemy Defense and Magic Defense.* Roll: 12, Enemy (Magic)Defense-3

Blade of Valor: The Paladin's sword glows with blue light, dealing more damage.* Roll: 16, Player Attack+5

Healing Circle: The Paladin sets down a magic circle that will heal allies that stand in it.* Roll: 8

Holy Strike: The Paladin smashes their sword into the ground, sending out a shockwave that deals holy damage to up to four enemies.* Roll: 15

Darkness Purge: The Paladin has increased stats when fighting against enemies that use dark magic.* Passive, (Magic)Defense+3 Agility+2

Divine Barrier: The Paladin erects a barrier of holy magic that cannot be penetrated by any evil magics.* Roll: 10

Piercing Light: The Paladin conjures a magic light that illuminates even the darkest of places, and can cure Blindness in allies.* Roll: 9


Paladins are excellent allies to have and are useful for any campaign or battle thanks to their solid offensive and defensive stats.

The Shield of Light skill lends itself to the Paladin's high Attack and good Magic Attack stats as it lowers the defensive stats of an enemy.

The Blade of Valor skill takes the Paladin's already excellent Attack stat and makes it that much better, allowing them to deal some serious amounts of damage to enemies.

Healing Circle is good for setting up an area where allies will constantly receive healing as they stand in it, which is especially useful for allies that have ranged weapons as they can stay in the range of the healing circle while still attacking enemies.

Holy Strike is an offensive skill that can hit up to four enemies at once with a magic shockwave, which is only made better if Blade of Valor is used prior to using this skill.

Darkness Purge is only useful against enemies that use dark magic and increases the Paladin's defensive stats and Agility.

The Divine Barrier skill is great to have if facing lots of dark magic or death magic wielding enemies, as the Divine Barrier will completely block these magic attacks from hitting the Paladin and any allies that stand behind the Paladin.

Piercing Light will illuminate even the darkest of places, making it a good skill to have when entering and exploring caves, dungeons, or other dark places. The skill will also cure allies of the Blindness status ailment, allowing them to effectively participate in a battle again if they have been inflicted with it.

Notable Paladins

Isidorus is a Paladin for the kingdom of Gavainselle and is the partner of the Pegasus Knight Sir Nimbus. Together the two of them have foiled plots around the kingdom of Gavainselle, namely an underground bandit ring and an attempted assassination of the king by the royal guard Dalton. Isidorus himself proved to be a radical and reckless yet powerful warrior, tending to attack first and ask questions later. The Paladin executed a critical hit on the Guardian Dalton and sliced the nipples off of a messenger for the bandit ring, earning him titles such as 'Isidorus the Nipple-Cutter' and 'Isidorus the Savage'.


  • Shield of Light, Blade of Valor, and Holy Strike are the abilities of the Paladins in Kingdom Rush, although they each alter a bit in function in TnT.
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