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Paragons are a unique offensive class that wield a magical blade capable of dealing both physical and magical damage; when attacking an enemy, the offensive stat that gets used for the formula will be the one that the enemy's corresponding defensive stat is the lowest; i.e. the enemy has 16 Defense and 8 Magic Defense, so Magic Attack is used for the attack formula when the Paragon attacks that enemy. Paragons have solid Magic Defense as well, with average Defense and Agility. Paragons excel all in combat against demonic enemies.


Demonic Drain: The Paragon's blade drains power from the enemy, decreasing their Attack and increasing the Paragon's.* Roll: 11, Enemy Attack-2, Player Attack+2

Absorption: The Paragon stabs the enemy; if the enemy is a demon, they are killed instantly and their essence is absorbed to increase the Paragon's Magic Attack.* Roll: 15, 10 if facing demon, Magic Attack+3

Charmed Prison: The Paragon slashes around the enemy, trapping them inside of a magical cage that they cannot move or attack from.* Roll: 17, 14 if facing demon

Dull Glow: The Paragon's blade has a dull glow around it that strikes such fear into enemies that they become petrified; demonic enemies will be petrified for twice as long.* Roll: 4

Die Uhr Tickt: The Paragon unleashes a series of sword slashes with blinding speed that is lethal to demons and will paralyze an enemy it doesn't kill.* Roll: 15

Disarming Parry: The Paragon parries an enemy attack and then twists their blade around to disarm the enemy, lowering their Defense.* Roll: 12, Enemy Defense-3

Burning Skies: The Paragon forces flying demonic enemies to the ground. Roll: 5


Paragons are good to have in any campaign but are best in battles against demonic enemies.

Demonic Drain is a useful Skill that weakens the enemy's Attack and strengthens the Paragon's Attack.

Absorption is an offensive Skill that will instantly kill a demonic enemy; when used on demonic enemies it has a lowered success roll and will also increase the Paragon's Magic Attack on a successful hit.

Charmed Prison will essentially inflict Paralysis on a single target; it has a lowered success roll when used on demons.

Dull Glow will inflict Petrify on two enemies; when used on demons, the status effect will last for twice as long.

Die Uhr Tickt is an offensive Skill that will instantly kill a demonic enemy it is used on; any non-demonic enemies it is used on that aren't killed by the attack will be inflicted with Paralysis.

Disarming Parry will lower the Defense of the next enemy to attack the Paragon, and will also block that attack and negate damage from it.

Burning Skies will force all flying demonic enemies to the ground, in reach of physical attacks.

Notable Paragons


  • The Paragon class is based off of Belicus from the unreleased RPG "Girl of Darkness"; some of the Skills are based off of Belicus' abilities as well, namely "Charmed Prison", "Demonic Drain", "Absorption", "Disarming Parry", and "Die Uhr Tickt".
  • Die Uhr Tickt is German for "The clock is ticking."
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