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The Rogue typically garbs themselves in black or other dark clothes, as they prefer to work in the dark and blend in with the shadows. Rogues wield knives but have lackluster attack; a Rogue's best weapons are stealth and deceit, using these tools to get information from NPCs that their party can use. Rogues have low Defense and Magic Defense that makes them unable to take enemy attacks easily, taking a lot of damage from most enemies. However, Rogues have among the highest Agility stats in the entire game, and so have a good chance of being able to evade enemy attacks that could otherwise be devastating to them.


Cloak Turn: The Rogue wraps themselves in their cloak, becoming invisible to enemy eyes for a short time; after the Skill wears off, the Rogue executes a powerful sneak attack on nearby enemies.* Roll: 12

Sweet Talker: The Rogue uses deceit to talk to thieves and brigands and has a high chance of gathering information from them.* Roll: 4

Pickpocket: The Rogue steals loot from enemies before they are even defeated.* Roll: 6

Black Market: The Rogue gains access to underground stores with items that are rare to obtain elsewhere.* Roll: 10

Knife Wheel: The Rogue throws knives in all directions around them.* Roll: 14 Distanced Eyes: The Rogue is able to see extremely far distances and detect the most minute of details from very far away.* Passive

Distanced Eyes: The Rogue is able to see extremely far distances and detect the most minute of details from very far away.* Passive

Dash Dance: The Rogue dashes back and forth in place to confuse the enemy as to where or when they will strike, lowering the enemy's Agility.* Roll: 6, Enemy Agility-3

Silent Step: The Rogue walks silently and cannot be heard by enemies. Passive


The Rogue is useful to have around in any campaign but not in every battle, as their low damage output prevents them from contributing to the cause offensively. However, they can use their high Agility to evade enemy attacks and keep enemies occupied with weaker attacks meant to harass the enemies.

The Rogue has two offensive skills, Cloak Turn and Knife Wheel. Cloak Turn grants the Rogue invincibility for one turn before executing the attack. Knife Wheel doesn't do a lot of damage but can hit all enemies at once.

The Rogue's Sweet Talker skill is useful for getting information from other people and works very well on other thieves or brigands.

The Pickpocket skill can be useful for getting items and gold from enemies before even defeating them, and getting items for allies to use or items important to the campaign from enemies.

Black Market can help get special items for allies to use or for the Rogue to use in battle or other situations.

The Distanced Eyes skill is good for detecting danger or seeing objectives from far away. Dash Dance can help the Rogue contribute offensively by lowering the enemy's agility so that allies can hit them more easily.

The Silent Step Skill is great for sneaking up on enemies, sneaking away from danger, or infiltrating an enemy base undetected.

Notable Rogues


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