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Samurai are an offensive class that wield a katana in battle; Samurai hold honor, loyalty, and strength of will in very high regard and are masters of the blade. Samurai have solid Attack and defensive stats and their Agility is average, so they are a good front-line unit to have.


Deflection: The Samurai moves so quickly that they deflect incoming projectile attacks, including magic attacks.* Roll: 7

Bushido: The Samurai follows the Bushido, their version of the Code of Chivalry, which gives them increased stats when they are defending allies, innocents, and the like.* Passive, Attack+4, Defense+3

Precision Edge: The Samurai executes a slicing maneuver that breaks enemy defenses and deals high damage.* Roll: 17, Enemy Defense-6

Sword Torment: The Samurai stabs his katana into the ground and summons the blades of fallen warriors before them to rise from the ground around them and stab upwards to damage enemies.* Roll: 15

Honorable Death: When nearing death, the Samurai has the option to smite themselves down in exchange for giving an ally a full heal.* Passive

Honed Blade: The Samurai hones their blade to increase their Attack. Roll: 9, Attack+6


Samurai are good to have in any campaign because of their strong combat presence.

The Deflection skill is great against enemy ranged units or magic-users as it will essentially negate the damage of projectile attacks directed at the Samurai.

Bushido is a passive skill that bolsters the Samurai's Attack and Defense stats.

Precision Edge is an offensive skill that deals a lot of damage and significantly lowers the target's Defense.

Sword Torment is an offensive skill that will hit all enemies at once.

The Honorable Death skill is a passive skill that will become available for use when the Samurai falls below 30 health; the skill allows the Samurai to smite themselves down in battle, and in exchange an ally will receive a full heal; this is useful if an ally is in dire need of healing and is best used on another offensive class; if the Samurai is the only offensive unit in the party, it is advised not to use the skill unless absolutely necessary.

The Honed Blade skill increases the Samurai's Attack stat significantly.

Notable Samurai


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