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  • I live in a house.
  • My occupation is writer.
  • I am a Robin main.

Hi, I'm Plasmaster, the creator and head admin of Towers and Tarragons Wiki! I am also the creator of the game Towers and Tarragons, a table-top role-playing game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons that also takes many elements and inspirations from RPG video game series, namely Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Earthbound. The game also takes some inspirations from book series The Lord of the Rings, Ranger's Apprentice, and The Brotherband Chronicles.

I am the Gamemaster for most campaigns, but sometimes participate as a player in addition to being Gamemaster.

My goal with the game right now is to create essentially a simpler version of DnD that my friends and I can enjoy playing together. I would like to get the game to the point where the players themselves understand how to be a Gamemaster so that they can create their own campaigns to take players on.

I am also currently collaborating with TinyCastleGuy to create a futuristic version of Towers and Tarragons that takes place in a space setting in the future, aptly titled Planets and Pulsars.

If you have any questions about TnT or this Wiki, I'm the guy to ask!

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