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The Wizard is adept in elemental magics, but can also use some energy magic and non-energy magic as well. They possess good Magic Attack, allowing them to deal a good amount of damage on enemies with lower Magic Defense.


Wizard Mind: The Wizard's wise mind is able to think of a solution to problems quickly so long as they are not in distress.* Roll: 6

Distress Beam: The Wizard can call for help from other warriors or heroes by sending a bright signal beam of light from their staff.* Roll: 7

Dispel Magic: The Wizard can dispel some enemy magic spells that are either effecting the enemy or the Wizards' allies.* Roll: 6

Portable Library: The Wizard is able to pull up information on any enemy in order to help allies make more educated decisions.* Passive

Charm Attack: The Wizard can place a charm on their ally so that the next time that ally attacks the attack will have magical properties attached to it.* Roll: 10

Weatherman: The Wizard can use magic to change the weather in order to hinder enemies or assist their allies in battle.* Roll: 12

Word of Power: The Wizard speaks a mighty word of power that sends out a magical shockwave in all directions, dealing high damage to enemies around them.* Roll: 15

Come To Bargain: The Wizard casts a time hex on himself and a single enemy; the Wizard and that enemy become unable to kill each other or harm each other, any damage they take during the turn will be healed completely; the time hex will be broken when the enemy either surrenders or gifts something to the Wizard. Roll: 14


Wizard Mind skill lets the Wizard formulate a plan of attack for allies when it is activated, though it cannot be used if the Wizard is currently having to defend themselves or is suffering a status ailment.

Distress Beam can call for help from allies or NPCs that will arrive on the scene quickly to assist.

The Dispel Magic skill can let the Wizard remove magic spells that are decreasing an ally's stats or inflicting a status ailment on an ally, or increasing the stats of an enemy.

The Portable Library skill helps the Wizard and their allies make educated decisions when acting, essentially having the Gamemaster give up the entire enemy profile for the players to use.

Charm Attack is useful when an ally has a physically damaging weapon but the enemy has high Defense but low Magic Defense, essentially replacing the Defense stat with the Magic Defense stat when calculating the damage when that ally attacks.

Weatherman lets the Wizard change the current weather to whatever they choose; making it rain will lower enemy agility and accuracy, making it snow will freeze enemies, making it hot will decrease enemy Attack, making it windy will cause enemies to become Silenced, summoning a storm will decrease enemy Defense and if there is lightning it could paralyze enemies, and making it sunny will increase the Attack and Magic Attack of allies.

Word of Power is a devastating magic attack that is capable of hitting lots of enemies at once.

The Come To Bargain Skill is useful when trying to keep a specific enemy alive to receive information or an object from them, keeping them alive until they surrender; the Skill also prevents the Wizard from being killed.

Notable Wizards


  • The Word of Power skill is inspired by an ability in Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth that is wielded by the wizard Gandalf, and functions much like this ability.
  • The Come To Bargain skill is inspired by the scene from Doctor Strange in which Strange traps himself and Dormammu in an endless time loop.
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